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Department of Health and Creative vegetarian industry, Kwong Fat University, "admissions Information"
The admissions pipeline for vegetarian departments?
 "Four Technology two special selection admission" is the only admission pipeline of the Department,

(2-bit four-technology two special Technical Excellence Examination places)

The department does not participate in the university selection of students to apply for admission, study, University examination registration and distribution, four technology two joint registration and distribution, four skills two independent enrollment, four skills two special sports performance student individual enrollment.

Students who wish to study in the Department of Health and Creativity vegetarian industry are required to apply for the four skills two special unified entrance Test "dining Group" "Four Skills two special selection admission" is the only admission pipeline for the department.

(Transfer test is not discussed here, because the university is closed for two semesters to apply)

There is only one condition for entering the Vegetarian department: Sign up for four technical two special meal groups to select students for admission.

The restrictions are on the four technology two selection committee, rather than the vegetarian system, as long as the students who apply for the integrated meal Travel group can register with the department through the four skills two Special selection Admission Committee (online registration method).
Second, the selection of admission qualifications?
As long as you have to apply for the four skills two dedicated to the test can be signed up (please choose the group to select the dining group) As long as you are a public and private higher vocational graduate, senior secondary school graduates more than 1 years of graduate, or in line with the Ministry of Education determined to have the same academic ability, can register.
(Selection of links to the admission website)

If you are also overseas in high school, holding a foreign senior high school graduation certificate, verified by the external units of the true person is eligible.
Three or four technical two special selection admission can only be tested?
The full name of "General Test" is the four-year unified entrance test for the annual science and Technology School of the University of "xx, which is usually referred to as the" four techniques and two special unified entrance Test "or" Integrated Test ", which is handled by the" Four Technology two joint selection Committee ".
Eligibility: To participate in the four skills two special unified entrance test, whether fresh or non-fresh graduates can enroll four technical two special selection admission (but the comprehensive high school graduates as senior secondary schools need to complete more than 25 credits of specialized courses to participate in),
Each candidate may choose up to 3 volunteers to participate in the selection.
The selection modality is divided into two phases:
The first stage: according to the four technology two special unified entrance test results screening.
The second stage: through the first stage of screening of candidates, to participate in the selection of schools to handle the designated items for testing.

Each school according to the examinee selection of the total results of the announcement is communicated, and finally by the Joint selection committee according to the candidate registration of the volunteer sequence distribution.
Iv. selection process for admission Sign up for four technical two special entrance Test → registration and payment of candidates ' registration criteria → entry and payment of the first stage and fee → phase I screening results → phase II registration, payment and online uploading of candidates ' docket data → List of the second stage of the selection of school announcements,

and send the second stage of the designated project screening notice candidates → the selection of schools notice is communicated list → candidates to the Committee website registration to study volunteer order → List → to the selection of schools for check-in procedures
V. Who is going to sign up for the survey? Registration of the target of the four technology two joint selection committee for online registration.
Divided into school collective registration (such as fresh graduates) and individual registration (such as non-fresh graduates or self-enrolled graduates, etc.)
School Collective registration: Candidates will be the relevant supporting documents to attend the school, unified by the school to the Committee website system Login, after the committee to handle the payment and registration procedures

Individual registration: Candidates to the Committee's website system Registry data, and the relevant supporting documents will be sent to the Committee for processing, and then in accordance with the Committee schedule to handle contributions and carry out various registration procedures and operations.
Six, the license or contest named will add points? Will, but according to the four-skill two select committee, limit one bonus point.

In addition, the National English Test, TOEFL, multi-benefit, IELTS and other language verification programs are also included (please refer to the selection of admission rules general Provisions)

The following websites are for reference:
 Selection of Admission: (The following if there is no page indicates that the selection of admission committee data has not been announced for uploading)
 Selection of official website for admission
 Selection of important dates for admission and statement of handling matters

Selection of entrance brief download
Entrance Examination: (The following if there is no page to indicate that the Technical Optimization committee data has not been announced for uploading)
Official website of the School of Technical Excellence Examination
Important time-history for the selection of Students for technical excellence

Download of technical excellent examination entrance brief
Vi. How do overseas students sign up?
Overseas students are divided into three types of enrollment pipeline can point to the following links to the relevant web page inquiries:
Overseas Chinese: Foreign Joint Admissions Committee (Overseas Recruitment Association)
Terrestrial: Joint admissions committee for students in mainland China (Lu Sheng Association) Foreign students: foreign students apply for admission