Category Title Date View Count
Honors "Crazy" department Shi Jianyu won the school 107 years of good tutor 2444
Honors Wu Shiwen, a vegetarian department at Buddha's University, IS on TV!!!!! 2493
Honors 📢! This department freshman Chuya, Songfang participated in 2018 International and cross-Strait gourmet competitions won the baking Group silver medal 🥈🥈 2226
Honors 🎉, a student of the Department of Hong Junxia, Zhang and Rang, participated in 2316
Honors Crazy! 2018 the 12th Bodhi Golden Kitchen Award Department Lin Jiahong, Hong Junxia students won the student group silver medal 🥈🥈 1868
Honors Crazy! The department Jiangshuhua teacher won the Ministry of Science and Technology 107 year subsidy College School research Award ~ Love encouragement together!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 1672
Honors Taiwan and Guangdong Creative Cooking Exchange Buddha teachers and students across the ocean only "taste" you 1636
Honors "Crazy" 2018 Hakka cuisine Cooking Exchange Competition students in the department won the second place in the student group, outstanding Alumni-Lin Sang Ji won the third place in the career group 2612
Honors "Crazy" Department students participate in 2018 AFA Korea World Cooking Contest Individual Group vegetarian package static display won the double gold 2853
Honors "Crazy" Buddha Teachers and students "Hakka tea rice crisp" and "Persimmon Q cake" won the Hakka and other road competition to win the second place 2343