Department of Health and Creative Vegetarian Science


Category Title Date
Honors1 "Crazy" department Shi Jianyu won the school 107 years of good tutor
Announcement "The department announced" What!! Vegetarian Department senior Lin Jiahong classmate on TV!
Announcement "Putting aside the rise of the young power of the old university myth" 💪💪💪💪
Events "Event announcement" 2019 Fat Buddha University Vegetable Food Department experience Camp registration begins ~~~
Honors1 Wu Shiwen, a vegetarian department at Buddha's University, IS on TV!!!!!
Announcement "Overseas internship of vegetarian students from the University of Light Buddha to break into the global drip shop"
Announcement 8 Grade Gold Chef Award chef Demonstration Organic vegetable food creative dishes
Announcement "2019 Buddha Light University Art season-ming Hua garden traditional drama-multiply willing to come again"
Announcement 📢!! Vegetarian sophomore Hong Junxia classmate Cooking Vegetarian Class B through Chinese food
Announcement 2019.01.21-01.30 Hongfa Temple Temple & amp; Cultural Experience Camp, Busan, South Korea
Admission "Admissions" Buddha Light University 108 school year PhD course, Master's degree and Master's degree in-service class enrollment announcement
Announcement The opening of Malaysian vegetable food innovative cuisine outside the
Announcement "Admissions" 108 annual Master's degree Test Entrance Examination "test Site Information"
Honors 📢! This department freshman Chuya, Songfang participated in 2018 International and cross-Strait gourmet competitions won the baking Group silver medal 🥈🥈
Honors 🎉, a student of the Department of Hong Junxia, Zhang and Rang, participated in