"Event announcement" 2019 Fat Buddha University Vegetable Food Department experience Camp registration begins ~~~

  • 2019-03-15

"2019 Buddha Light University Vegetable and Food Department University experience Camp" drive away ~
Two days and one night activities throughout the free! Come and experience college life.

* Date of activity: 108 years May 18 (Sat) to 108 May 19 (Sun), two days and one night.

* Target Audience: 108 students participating in the group, limited to 90 digits.

* Event Location: Buddha Light University, Yilan local attractions.

* Activity Fee: free of charge (including Taipei shuttle bus).

* Registration date: From now until 108, May 12 (Sun).

* Registration method: Online registration (full deadline). https://goo.gl/Em1W8O

* Precautions: Registration places are limited to 10 per school and are prioritized in the order of registration. The Department reserves the right to accept registration or not.
The list of participants was announced on May 13 (i) 4 o'clock in the afternoon on the official website of the Department of Light Buddha and the Department of Vegetable and Food, Facebook.

* For the brief and related information of the event, please contact the vegetable and Food Department network →https://goo.gl/RxorGZ

* Event Contact window: 039871000 ext. 22101 Miss Zengwanting