8 Grade Gold Chef Award chef Demonstration Organic vegetable food creative dishes

  • 2019-03-04

Owner Kitchen-Lin Sang Ji For the first student of the department, called the Elder grade!!!
The Holy Wisdom is the university chief 🗣🗣🗣, who is full of praise from his younger siblings.
It's also a good example for younger sisters.
After graduation, do not forget to carry future generations to give the school sisters a lot of resources
As well as the learning environment, the stage of growth.

Once you get the chance, you will lead the School sisters to break into the workplace.
Holy Wisdom still works hard for his dreams after graduation.

Learn and even combine life to stir up more creative cuisine
Healthy Vegetable food creativity is no longer a slogan!
With the creativity and creativity of young people

Give the vegetable food a new vitality ~
# Lin Sang Ji, a distinguished alumnus of the Vegetarian department at Buddha's University
# Youth is about breaking hard
# Buddha's University in Yilan

# If you want to read a vegetarian department, you remember the Test tour group OH Http://www.ntdtv.com.tw/b5/20190204/video/239491.html