2019.01.21-01.30 Hongfa Temple Temple & amp; Cultural Experience Camp, Busan, South Korea

  • 2019-03-04
The chance to go abroad at Buddha's University is this ~ how much!!!!
Vegetarian kids are also working very hard to get their chance to go abroad.
There are only 25 places in the Korean Temple cultural Experience Camp

Students of this department through the interview through 11-bit 👏👏😍
Mr. Tuo Yu, who is frightened in English through this department
Returned photos of the activities the students experienced in Korea
Let Xiao knitting very envious of the students on the Department AH ~ Think of that year ~~ student period ...
There are not so many opportunities to go abroad!

Or expect the students to return home to share the dots in Korea. I believe!!!!
People must be looking forward to it, too,!!!
Let's see the pictures first.
Follow the students abroad to experience

Come back and wait for them to share with us the joys and sorrows in Korea!!!
First show a few photos to let everyone ㄆ a ˇㄆㄤㄐㄧ˙ㄌㄟ

It's right to want to experience and read Forda in the future!!!!!!
# Korean Hand Cooking
# Korean Costume Experience
# King Fook Palace
# South Seoul Tower # Seoul Dojo
圖像裡可能有21 個人、微笑的人、大家坐著、表格和室內圖像裡可能有7 個人、微笑的人、大家在吃東西、大家坐著、食物和室內
圖像裡可能有14 個人、微笑的人、大家站著、婚禮、小孩和戶外
圖像裡可能有19 個人、微笑的人、室內
圖像裡可能有6 個人、微笑的人、大家站著和戶外
圖像裡可能有11 個人、微笑的人、大家站著和戶外