"Admissions" 108 annual Master's degree Test Entrance Examination "test Site Information"

  • 2019-03-04
Note: Holiday Snow Mountain tunnel car Tide, and the university adjacent to Lin Mei Trail Scenic Area, please candidates to go out early to avoid traffic jams, driving please pay attention to the safety of road conditions.
The time and place of the exam:
(i) Date: 107 years December 1 (Saturday)

(Due to the Snow Mountain tunnel and Lin Mei Trail, there are many holiday car boomers, it is recommended that candidates take the capital passenger, Germaland passenger or train, to Jiaoxi can transfer to the school bus, please go out early to avoid traffic jams)

(b) Place of Examination: School Headquarters (No. 160th Lam Mei Road, Yilan County Village, Jiaoxi Township, China)

(c) Please bring the "proof of examination" and "National identity Card" (or the identity card, such as the driver's license, IC health cards, etc., "with the status of photo and identity card") to take the test.
(d) Oral examination classrooms and time: arranged by department

(Please click "Application department name" To download the interview schedule).
Second Test Site information (interview location plan)
1 Cloud building on the third floor, the four floors of the cloud building, the five floor of the cloud building
2 The second floor of Tak Xiang Building, the third floor of Tak Xiang Building, and the four floor of Tak Xiang Building
3 The third floor of Yun Hui Building, the four floor of Yun Hui Building
4 Yun First Floor

5 There is also a common lounge for candidates on the first floor of the cloud building

Three traffic information (limited parking spaces on campus, welcome to take the school bus)
(i) school bus ride
1 107 December 1 (Sat) school bus schedules (candidates are requested to take the school bus on the basis of "should be examined")
2 to Jiaoxi bus location map
(1) Passengers travelling in the capital passenger and Germaland, please take the bus before the "Jiaoxi Transfer Station"
(2) For those travelling by train, please take the bus before Jing Quan Fung Travel

3 to Yilan City Department school bus location map
(b) driving on its own (candidates who drive on their own can pass through the school on the basis of a certificate)
1 to the University of Light Buddha driving Road Map

2 Buddha Light University campus Map
(iii) Jiaoxi taxis: (03) 988-2612, 988-3055, 988-4084

From Jiaoxi railway station to our university, the taxi is 250 yuan and the journey takes about 15 minutes.
Interview time in this group: Https://goo.gl/yRQWAa University Admissions Office Announcement: HTTPS://GOO.GL/AEKRU5