📢! This department freshman Chuya, Songfang participated in 2018 International and cross-Strait gourmet competitions won the baking Group silver medal 🥈🥈

  • 2019-03-04

2018 International and cross-strait gourmet competitions, baking 18 groups, cooking group 19 groups to participate in the final after the preliminary round, the competition to tea as the theme, the elements of tea into cooking and baking products, to create more creative products, but also to make related products more healthy value.

Promoting healthy cooking and healthy baking, competition is not only the exchange and learning of cooking and baking technology products, competitors from all over the world will use tea on behalf of their regional characteristics as raw materials for the production of entries, which will also be a tea raw material in the cooking and baking application of the sharing meeting.

The department by Wu Shiwen teacher guidance, and led the freshman Chuya, Songfang to participate in the competition, won the baking group silver medal, the Department of Teachers and students received a sense of glory!!
Xiao Knitting suddenly want to exhale freshman's class Whoop!!
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Once again congratulations to ya Tsukiji and Fang Yi Yo!!!
Chuya Songfang # Fat Buddha University Vegetable Food Department
Buddha's University @ Yilan
Outstanding Alumni of Gateway Middle School Sacred Heart High School outstanding Alumni

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