Taiwan and Guangdong Creative Cooking Exchange Buddha teachers and students across the ocean only "taste" you

  • 2019-03-04

The Department of Health and Creative vegetarian industry of Kwong Fat University cherishes the opportunities for cross-strait academic exchange, has sent 10 teachers and students to Guangdong Innovation and technology vocational College for cross-Strait creative culinary exchanges, two school students mixed groups from the procurement of ingredients to the field cooking, Buddhist college students through practical exchange learning, combined with the characteristics of Taiwan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine,
 The best styling Award, the Best Creative award, the best combination award and the most popular award can be said to be fruitful. Lin Jiahong, Raiguihen, Chen, sophomore students Hong Junxia, Rang, Yang Fuje, Chen Dinghui, Lu Cheng and Jiang Qinyu, who are senior students in the Department of Health and Creative vegetarian industries, were led by the vegetarian teacher Jiangshuhua, from October 15 to October 19. Go to Guangdong Innovation and technology vocational College in Dongguan, Guangdong province to carry out cross-strait creative culinary exchanges. Two school students free mix to form 5 teams, each team of 4 people (2 people per school), the organizer to provide each group of 200 yuan of procurement funds, groups to the supermarket independent procurement of the required ingredients, and within 3 hours, the use of purchased ingredients and condiments, to design a staple food, a main meal, a soups, a dessert
 , 6 people per road, after completion presented to the audience, please the audience to taste and give evaluation.
 Each group plays a role in learning and showing creativity, making full use of the combination of vegetarian and Cantonese cuisine in Taiwan, through meticulous knives, exquisite pendulum and decorations, a delicious dish to make the audience feast and feast, by the scene of 40 spectators to select the best Flavor Award, the best Styling Award, the Best Creative award, the best combination award and the most popular award.
 Senior Lin Jiahong Students said, especially thank the Buddha teachers to strongly support students to participate in international exchange activities, this year has been the last year of the university stage, but also particularly cherish the opportunity to study abroad.
 Sophomore Hong Junxia Students said that it is an honor to participate in this overseas culinary exchange on behalf of the school and Vegetarian department, and to see the cooking technology of authentic Cantonese cuisine, but also to test how to combine vegetarian food with meat to change the creative cuisine. Sophomore Rang classmate said, it is very difficult to be able to participate in this activity with classmates, students and teachers, the two schools cooking Exchange friendly match is quite successful, the process is also full of joy, this beautiful memory will always be sealed in his memories.
 The students were very grateful to the sister school teachers and students for their warm hospitality, the 5th trip so that we have a deeper understanding of the food culture in Guangdong. Professor Xu Xingjia, Dean of Le Live Industrial College, said that in particular, the competition would like to thank Shi Jianyu teachers, Wu Shiwen teachers for their careful guidance, Jiangshuhua teachers to go to the team.

Yang Zhaoxiang, president of the University of Light and vegetarian teachers, praised the students for their culinary skills, participation in competitions and achievements, and also affirmed the performance of their classmates, and encouraged all students to strive for excellence, to show the characteristics of vegetarian culinary skills, and to create excellent learning results.