"Event announcement" 2018 Buddha Light Cup international vegetable and food cooking Challenge registration began ~

  • 2018-10-04

2018 Buddha Light Cup international vegetable and cooking challenge
First, the main thrust: in order to carry forward the traditional vegetarian food culture and respond to the trend of Green catering, especially held a "healthy diet, creative food" as the theme of the vegetarian cooking and baking competition, hope that through this competition activities, carry forward the spirit of Lok Woo cuisine, combined with the concept of healthy and creative diet, to create a new vegetarian era
Second, the Registration qualification: Social group, high School vocational group, vegetarian cooking has a passion.
Third, the organizer: China Ancient and Modern Humanities Association, Kwong Fat University
Iv. Organizer: Lok Live Industrial College, Buddha Kwong University, Department of Health and Creative vegetarian industry V. Co-organizer: Ancient and Modern Humanities Co., Ltd., Human TV, human news, Department of Communication, Department of product and media design, leniency garden exquisite vegetable cuisine, famous Food Co., Ltd., Unilever Co., Ltd., China Technology Promotion Association, Bai Qiao Food Co., Ltd, Taiwan Tian bei Food Enterprise Co., Ltd.,
Six Piles Brewing Industry Co., Ltd., source Fresh Agricultural Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Paukansson Medical Co., Ltd.
Vi. Date of Event
Registration period: From now until 201811.30 (Fri), by postmark
Date of First instance: 201812.03 (Monday)
First Instance shortlisted notice: 2018.12.05 (Wednesday) by email notification and announcement on the website

Final Date: 2018.12.17 (Monday)
Vii. final location: Guang Fat University Yun Lou Atrium
VIII. Contact Information: Department of Health and Creative vegetarian industry, Buddha Light University
Tel: 03-9871000 rpm 22101 Fax: 03-9881866 Contact: Miss Zengwanting. Ix. details of the competition: such as the annex brief