"The department announced" What!! Vegetarian Department senior Lin Jiahong classmate on TV!

  • 2019-03-25

What the! Vegetarian Department and some students on TV!!!

Isn't this the senior handsome Lin Jiahong (Kevin Lin)?!!!!!
What is the growth process that makes home macros so fond of it?
Let's take a look at the film!!!

And the home macro usually in the school always won the love of teachers and students
In addition to assisting with large and small events, participating in large and small competitions at home and abroad,
In addition to learn the demand of younger siblings, often eager to lead the department to participate in the competition, handling activities, experience.

Home macro is also a very sports loving and loving child.
Organize your classmates together with the net Mountain
And in the spare time to make refreshments, oil rice
To the park for those in need.

And good at making Chinese cuisine home macros,
In "Modern Heart Suphi" Vegetarian Cooking teach you how to make delicious "Tian Xiang rotting skin roll" Yo!
Come and learn and study together!!!

# Thank you to the modern heart Suphi give teachers and students the opportunity to learn
# Home Macro Stick!
# University of Light Buddha and vegetable food Department