"Crazy" department Shi Jianyu won the school 107 years of good tutor

  • 2019-03-25

🎊 mad !! The Department of Shi Jianwei He won the school year 107 school excellent tutors 🎖🏅 

Shi Jianwei teacher, faith-based cooking teacher curriculum 
course content: exotic cuisine, health Fruit and vegetables, snacks ... and other business 

courses beginning teacher will lead students to 
go school "Shangen garden" planted the end of the course the ingredients needed to 
allow students to experience farming and food sources 

semester high school students who need good care of good roots planted a small garden vegetable shoots 
otherwise insects, birds eat the bare end of the period there will be no cooking ingredients can Hello! 

Shi teachers are teachers and students in the mouth, "Shi God" 
is currently a junior tutor of the present system 
of spare time in addition to accompany the students in the school practice exam photos, game guide 
weekend will offer a chance to tie the students together to participate in the road race, mountaineering 

visible chef in addition to a good cook, good health is very important! 

Congratulations again Shi Jianwei teacher !!!! won the 107 high school year 👏👏👏 mentor !!!! 

# Shi God would definitely have to pull circle pink 
# Fo Guang University Department of Shushi 
# 108 academic year, the Department of Fruit and vegetables Welcome 
# Fo Guang University in Yilan

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