"2019 Buddha Light University Art season-ming Hua garden traditional drama-multiply willing to come again"

  • 2019-03-04

🎉🎉 Dong clang drumming clang Sound Ear
Stage lifting Lanyang Fengyun 👏👏
🌾🌾 neon gold glittering like layers of rice wave spike sea 🌾🌾
Surging the University of Light Buddha will be bright on the stage of the interpretation
🙏 Life Joys and sorrows "take the wish to come again 〉🌈
Ming Hua Yuan General group Grand 👍 The play is Gong 🌺, hot reading early spring good day ...

Time: 108 March 03 (Sun) 18:00 location: Wynn Hall, Yilan, Buddha, Jiaoxi University
Fee: Free, full of love to bond with you

Access: You can drive up the mountain/take a shuttle bus on your own
Buddha's University art season-Ming Hua Yuan Opera performance traffic information:
Drive up the hill on your own
The Opera shuttle bus
Reef Creek/Yilan
* Reef Creek Route: Jiaoxi Transfer station, Jiaoxi railway line (Jing Quan Fung Brigade-Jiaoxi Road), University of Light Buddha Lin Mei Liao Dormitory

* Yilan Rear car location: Lanyang Hospital (No. No. 257 Zhongshan Road, Yilan City) 😍 welcome everyone to see the play together ~

圖像裡可能有9 個人、微笑的人、文字