🎉, a student of the Department of Hong Junxia, Zhang and Rang, participated in

  • 2019-03-04

2018 Floral Fruit Pilgrims sauce Fragrance National Hakka Gourmet Cuisine competition won the social group runner-up 🥈🥈🥈

11/17 (Sat) Taizhong Hakka Cultural Park in Dongsei, held the "National Hakka Cuisine Competition", which was attended by 20 groups of students and members of the community from all over the country, and took the theme of "Floral fruit pilgrims sauce" as a dish of 2 dishes, thereby injecting new vitality into Hakka cuisine.

The competition attracted 72 teams from the whole Taiwan to register, after the first round of the election of 10 student groups and 10 social groups to enter the final, the students of this department signed up for the social group, with the tertiary institutions, hotel chefs and members of the Community competition, very difficult to take the social group runner-up.

The competition by the Department of Wu Shiwen teachers, Shi Jianyu teacher guidance, and led to Taizhong to compete, the Department of Teachers and Students learned that the award 🏆 News have been honored 👍👍👍 Small part of the feeling ~ Vegetarian students Heart ❤️ are very big!! 🤔🤔😂😂 Challenge Social group whether or not there is a name, courage is worth our study! Challenge the social group and get runner-up, I believe that students in this campaign ironclad harvest a lot, but also to increase confidence! Really too ~ Excellent!


Rang Zhang Youcai l @ Hong Junxia
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