"Event announcement" to attract sipping ~ vegetarian vegetable pressure Action Dining car 10/17 (iii) official opening!

Take it. ~ Vegetable Pressure Vegetarian Department action Dining Car, will be in 10/17 (three) sell!
The dining car, run by two students from the vegetarian Department of the University of Buddha, as a goal of the internship,

To take advantage of the specialties of the vegetarian department and bring them to the entrepreneurial path, so that vegetarian food has a more diverse choice.
Vegetable pressure car, to hot pressing toast as the main fight, to provide a variety of salty food and sweet taste,

During the trial sale, anyone who buys any hot-pressed toast paired with any drink can now fold 10 yuan.
Shop name: Vegetable pressure Vegetarian Department action Dining car (vegetable pressure car)
Venue: Homestay next to the welfare society on the ground floor
Opening hours: Weekday morning 7 ~ 2 o'clock in the afternoon

Vegetarian type: milk, whole vegetarian The discount price during the trial sale is only until the end of October, what are you waiting for, hurry up and attract a sip of the dishes ~~~!

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