"Event announcement" 108 annual corporate HACCP food Safety Control system-Basic class _ Kwong Fat University Classes

  • 2019-01-10

108 Annual training Program of HACCP food safety control system for corporate legal persons
In recent years, from melamine, plasticizer, starch to counterfeit counterfeiting, such as detonating a series of food and safety problems, and then highlight the community's attention to food security. and food hygiene and safety is a task-based work, engaged in these production and processing and related industries of operators should recognize the importance of food hygiene and safety in the management system. In order to enhance the awareness of health managers and their related personnel on food Safety, the Association and the Department of Health and Creative vegetarian Industries of the University of Light Buddha jointly organized a training programme for HACCP control training courses. The scheme is divided into basic classes (A) and Advanced Classes (B). Class A for good hygiene practices and HACCP principles, training students to write HACCP procedures, Class B for HACCP management and health management system, how to implement the system and the system to be effective. Because of its professionalism, it is called a professional training course, regardless of which class is engaged in domestic well-known and professional lecturers and professors to teach, the association uses curriculum narration and situational teaching methods and practical guidance, training students can have a more in-depth recognition of HACCP system.

The association is accredited as a qualified training institution by the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan on February 23, 98, letter No. 0980004303 of the Guardian, and trainees who participate in the course and test qualified persons are certified by the organizer with the approval of the Health Bureau for the certification of the training certificate.

Please read the following provisions and the official website accessories first.
Upon registration, you will be deemed to have read and agree to the precautions and opening requirements set out in this meeting.
Organizer: China Food Safety Control System Development Association (Chinese HACCP Association)
Co-organizer: Department of Health and Creative vegetarian industry, Kwong Fat University
  Course Title Date Time Class Locations
  Haccp-Foundation Class 108 Years March 9, 10th
March 16, 17th
Total four days
08:30~17:00 FGU
(No. 160th Lam Mei Road, Yilan County Village, Jiaoxi Township, China)

I. Registration (please complete the registration formalities, re-payment program) 
filled out the registration form download, off-campus are advised to 1/25 (five) before faxing the registration form to the vegetarian system (until full) 
1. Department of parental contact registration Office or call (03) 987-1000 Miss Zeng 22101 rpm. 
2. The registration form and fax it to (03) 988-1866. 

Second, the cost of training and preferential schemes :( with written handouts, research fees, lunch and refreshments) 
external members shall be for each registration fee of 5,500 yuan. 

Third, the number of course: 
class size limit to 50 the number of people under 25 who are not classes